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Reflections by Craig Loibner

For more than 36 years, God has been using this little rustic camp in the heart of the Boston Mountains to make a difference in the lives of students. There will be many amazing stories that will be told one day in glory. The privilege of being a part of Castle Bluff’s history is one of the most treasured parts of my life. Castle Bluff has an amazing past – so many students have been impacted in significant ways there. (By my most recent calculations, more than 40,000 folks have been a part of Castle Bluff camps through the years.) I am deeply grateful for God’s past faithfulness. But I really do believe that Castle Bluff’s best days are still in the future. Let me tell you why.

  1. Today’s students have a deep need for what Jesus has to offer and I believe that God is raising up more and more adults (Primarily through MOO and WOO) who care about that need. Some of best and most effective camps for students have been our most recent camps.
  2. We have recently built Summit Lodge which is where the rappelling deck used to be. That means we are now rappelling off the back deck of this amazing building. This building has enhanced our ability to better serve our larger student camps but its more focused purpose is to provide the camp with the ability to host a variety of camps for adults and for families. There are 12 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, in this four-story building. It is the perfect facility for our Men of the Ozarks (MOO) and Women of the Ozarks (MOO) and those ministries have been bearing a lot of fruit. It is also designed to also function as a family camp with each family having their own room and we have already had two such camps and both went really well. We have yet to use it for a couple’s retreat focusing on strengthening marriages, but that will happen shortly.
  3. Paul Smith brings new vision and new energy to this camp. We have been so busy building and using the Summit Lodge that much of the rest of the camp needs a facelift. Paul will help mobilize folks to make that happen. A new road between Castle Bluff and Jabali Ranch is almost complete and this will make interaction between these two properties much more accessible.

If you haven’t been to Castle Bluff lately, Craig will be hosting a work camp over the Memorial Day Weekend. Craig will be there May 26-29, but most folks are only coming for part of that. If that sounds like something you might like to be a part of, contact him at 501-912-6014 or email him at so he can give you more information.